write an article on employee privacy right in the work place

Hi, I am looking for someone to write an article on employee privacy right in the work place Paper must be at least 1500 words. Please, no plagiarized work! Employees are more attempting to monitor their workers and technology is making it easier. Employers can now keep their employees from downloading unnesicary or illegal materials and visiting inappropriate websites through monitoring. They are trying to maintain a safe and healthy working environment for their employees and also to prevent any illegal actions by employees.
Many employers have made certain that their employees know company internet usage policies to help with this process. Employees who have access to the internet freely, so increase their productivity and efficiency, but they can also become easily distracted, which may or may not make monitoring necessary. Employers must walk a fine linewhen developing and implementing their monitoring policies. This policy should be included in the employee handbook and employees need to be trained with all the policies and procedures, also they need to be informed in case of a new changes or updates and how those will be used. According to Muhl (2003) good policy should contain the following:
Employers shoud know that one of the best ways to control Employee Privacy Rights in the workplace is to have good written policies and procedures, good clean content free from harassment, threatening, or any toher discriminatory or offensive language. Employees as well as employers have rights that should be considered. However, these rights need to identify those rights and that requires researching laws on the topic.

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Technology in Employee Monitoring
New technologies allow employers to monitor many aspects of their employees’ activities on employer provided computer systems. However, such monitoring of employee computer terminals, stored data, and electronic mail is largely unregulated, although pending court cases are considering employees’ rights to privacy regarding such electronic data. Employers contend that unless written company policy provides otherwise, an employer mayread and recover data from any computer or network provided by he employer. Employee advocates maintain that an employee has a reasonable expectation of privacy over such imformation unless specially or properly advised in writing through an employment contract, manual, or other adequate means of written notification.
Purpose for Employee Monitoring
Safeguarding employee privacy demands a fine balancing act from employers.
On the one hand, employers want to ensure employees’ right to privacy for moral, ethical and legal reasons. On the other, they must also protect against the actions of employees who download pornography or copyrighted music, send harassing e-mail, reveal company secrets, disclose personal information, sell drugs or even slack off on their job because of the time they spend surfing the Internet.
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