WK 2-1 BG

Reply to:Obsessive Compulsion Disorder (OCD) and Generalized Anxiety Disorder (GAD) share similarities and contrast (Comer, R.J., 2021). OCT is an anxiety disorder that involves repetitive and unwanted obsession such as having to have things in order, excessive cleanliness, focuses on details, and aims for perfection. GAD exhibits exaggerated and unrealistic anxiety about life elements such as work and finances. In contrast to individuals with OCD, people with GAD do not do things in repetition. Attending an event for people with GAD worry excessively about the safety and amount of people that will be in attendance, even if there is no threat evidence. They worry about making the wrong decisions in life. Both OCD and GAD involve worrying and anxiety, and are unable to let go of the undesired thoughts. The treatment for both OCD and GAD are aligned. Both benefit from therapy that involve acknowledging the negative aspects that lead to the thoughts which can be obtained through cognitive behavioral psychotherapy. Also, both OCD and GAD use medication as treatment.
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