What is the function of simple sugars in the body?

What is the function of simple sugars in the body?
aThey are made of the same materials as fats.
bThey are the building blocks of proteins.
cThey are a source of fiber.
dThey provide energy for cells.

 A researcher is studying the impact of different community activities on natural resources. Which activity is correctly paired with the level of impact it has on natural resources?
Q: Japanese haiku are similar to English romantic poems because they both contain strict rhyme schemes. include themes about nature. use a kigo to reveal details. follow a fixed structure.
Q: The collection of computer instructions and other files that constitute a piece of software is A. codebase B. User interface C. game design document D. firmware
Q: A jar contains 7 blue marbles, 12 red marbles, and 4 green marbles. What is the ratio of red marbles to the total number of marbles in the jar?
Q: The first day the members paid $50 for transportation plus $13 per ticket to the planetarium. The second day they paid $95 for transportation plus $10 per ticket to the geology museum. Write an expres
Q: Courtney buys bananas. Bananas cost $0.89 per pound. She buys 3.2 pounds of bananas. How much does 3.2 pounds of bananas cost? Round your answer to the nearest cent.
Q: The Children’s Museum has a large fish tank with the dimensions shown. The tank does NOT have a cover. What is the surface area of the fish tank? Dimensions: height 6 ft length 10 ft width 5 ft.

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