what i have learnt

I need some assistance with these assignment. what i have learnt Thank you in advance for the help! For example, there could be a need for a bride in a rural area. Prior to building the bridge, there would be a need for research on the different possible structures. Putting into consideration human and economic factors, the bridge to be built would be analyzed and tested. Designing in engineering technically requires immense skills as learned in this course. This portfolio presents the skills I have learned in this course.
A project in engineering design requires one to collate and apply numerous skills. To accomplish the tasks in this course, I had to attend not just the lectures, but also the workshops. This portfolio gives an account of my abilities and skills as acquired in the twelve weeks spent studying engineering design. Outlined are my learning outcomes, evaluation from self and peers in my group, and a conclusion.
Enlisted herein are learning outcomes from the tasks undertaken in AutoCAD and the three design challenges. Among others, these learning outcomes include teamwork, solving problems in engineering design, skills in AutoCAD, conducting experiments in the lab, and plotting results gathered on MATLAB. The graphs that I plotted on MATLAB for the challenge on boat design, the calculations on the design of the battery charger, and pictures on the design of a bridge present my learning outcome. In addition to these, I also provided a reflective journal in the appendix section. These are the major parts covered in this reflective journal.
In engineering design, the first task involved the building of a model of a truss bridge with paddle pop sticks. This started with each team member investigating the various kinds of truss bridges. From there, each was to develop a new design. Thereafter, the team evaluated the advantages and limitations of each design so as to make a choice of one.
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