What effects will the policy change have on stakeholders?

MN507-1: Debate healthcare reform effects on stakeholders.
In Unit 2 you chose a policy issue that interests your group. For this Assignment your group will be divided into two, with one side in favor of the policy change and the other side opposed to it. You will work with your debate side group member to create an audio presentation that puts forth your side’s argument (PowerPoint, Google Slides, or Prezi).
My topic is mandatory vaccination and i am debating in favour of getting vaccines. Please address following questions in power point presentation. I will add the audio part later.

What effects will the policy change have on stakeholders?
Why, or why not, is this policy important?
What are the costs to stakeholders?
Important issues and research to support your position.
 1) The first place visited by Paul and Barnabas was Crete. true or false 2) Paul received a call in a vision to come to Rome. True or False 3) Paul was warned by Christian friends not to go to Jerusa
Q: Read the draft and respond to the following questions in as much detail as possible.
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Q: If Lisa had 50 liters of Coca Cola in the whole month, and her dentist said that’s 140 kilometers is her dentist correct if not answer the question 50–>. Km if she is correct she explain why.
Q: What percent by mass of ammonium sulfate is nitrogen?

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