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Final Milestone Submission
Context: Throughout the course you’ve work hard to research your company, exploring their strategy, leadership, their industry and environment, and much more. This week you’ll compile your paper into one final, polished version and pair it with a presentation on quality and teamwork.
First, be sure you have read Chapters 12 through 15 in the text.
Next, please watch the following video clips from the lab:
·  Chapter 15: Concept Clip: TQM Tools
·  Chapter 13: Concept Clip: Team Cohesiveness
·  Chapter 13: Concept Clip: Stages of Team Development
·  Chapter 15: Concept Clip: Characteristics of Service Quality
·  Chapter 15: Concept Clip: Facilities Layout
Requirements: In week 7 and this week you learned about TQM tools, teams, communication, and quality. You’ll use those concepts to create one final piece for your final project: a presentation on a team meant to deploy a quality management program geared toward service quality.
Your final milestone submission should address the following requirements:
1.  Compile your prior milestones into one polished, final paper that incorporate any suggestions for improvement from your instructor in prior weeks.
2.  Create a presentation, the first few slides should briefly outline the highlights of your milestone paper.
3.  The remainder of your presentation is meant to be a pitch of your own idea for a quality management program. Your pitch should address the following questions:
a.  Who will you include on the deployment team and why?
b.  How will you structure and manage the team to optimize their success?
c.  What quality management tool are you proposing be implemented and why?
d.  Why is this particular tool a good fit for this organization or the problem you are trying to solve?
e.  How will the new tool you are proposing impact overall quality (service quality or product quality)?
Your final milestone submission should follow APA format, be well supported with a minimum of five recent sources, and be a minimum of 20 slides long.
Be sure your PPT is well assembled, using a design template (not a plain white sheet), minimal text on the slide (bullet point lists, not paragraphs of text), and incorporates graphics where appropriate. Use the speaker notes section to indicate what you would say if you were giving the presentation. The speaker notes section is mandatory.
Remember: This is your opportunity to fully demonstrate all that you have learned this term and how it all ties together. Teams, quality, and service are intertwined with just about everything studied this term. In your presentation, do more than simply restate what you learned in your paper, show how all the elements tie together, work together, and can be used to drive success in your organization.

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