very easy task make this essay standing out you may add more details

Read the passage below and write an essay according to the passage to make this passage standing out. No grammar mistakes are allowed, please use complex sentence.
During my undergraduate study, I also took part in some internships one after another to get out of the ivory tower and contact with the society. For example, during the winter vacation of my junior year, I worked as an intern in the bank service department of China unionpay co., LTD., mainly responsible for daily communication and contact with commercial Banks and other institutional clients, as well as tracking and promoting the development of important projects with institutional clients. During the internship, I got familiar with the work content with the fastest speed and completed every task earnestly. When I encountered problems, I would try to find a solution by myself first. If not, I would ask the teacher for advice with an open mind. Because it is relatively relevant to my major, I cherish this internship very much. I have great motivation in everything I do. In two months, I completed every task carefully and successfully, and gained a lot. I learned to use a lot of software, including editing text, editing audio, using database, and recording in the recording studio. Although I was busy, I was very happy. Now, four years of rich and colorful college life is coming to an end, but I know I still have a lot of knowledge and skills to learn, which is why I decided to continue to study in graduate school.
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