Use data from New York State Health Dept. and the Census Bureau to compare two communities of your choice.

Please go to the New York State Health Dept.
Census Bureau
Before you start the specific assignment you may want to examine the information available.  
Area I              Area II       Source of   
Birth Rate per 1000
Mortality Rate per 100,000
Major Causes of Death
Top 3 in order
Level of Education 
% high school grad
% college grad
% adv 
Level of Income
Median household in $
Racial/Ethnic composition
Use  data from New York State Health Dept. and the Census Bureau to compare two communities of your choice. You may also want to try the Centers for Disease Prevention and Control CDC at Another strategy to get information is to “google” your topic e.g. White Plains, New York demographic and mortality data.
The communities may be counties, cities, states or any combination of the two:  eg. Westchester and Rockland, White Plains and Yonkers, Overall Westchester and White Plains etc., Bronx and NYC, Brooklyn  and Queens, Brooklyn and Statewide or Citywide, New York State and North Carolina etc. HINT  Before you finalize the choice of community make sure that you are able to locate material on it.
Please put the data in a table see above.  Write a narrative — a paragraph in length comparing the two areas. (I would suggest that online students prepare a paper copy for themselves).  Be sure that your name appears on the report itself if you submit it as an attachment.  Also, check that your data clearly indicates whether the number is a number, rate or percentage.  If figure is a rate indicate the relevant population e.g. per 12,000, 10,000, per 100,000.  See text for more information on rates.
You may attach map(s) and data table from NY State Health Dept. and the Census Bureau  to your report.  However, the table must report the data.
Grading– A   Complete report and comparison of two areas–Thoughtful comparison of the two areas.  Sources of information ( for each item of information)  clearly indicated. Provides a useful profile of socio-economic and health profile for areas selected.
B/B+   Good chart, good comparison. Sources of information clearly indicated.
C   Comparison missing  items,  narrative comparison brief
D   Assignment begun but not substantially completed
F  Did not do assignment
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