Unit 3 security officer requirements paper (crj104 introduction to

Security Officer Requirements Paper
Attached Files:
Since Post University is located in the State of Connecticut, research the Connecticut requirements to be a security officer. You may research and discuss your state’s standards if you live in another state (Georgia). Outline those requirements and discuss why you think the standards are sufficient, insufficient, or too restrictive.  
A NOTE on references:
Be sure to use at least one source from the state (Connecticut or your home state (GEORGIA)) that outlines the legal requirements for security personnel. There are numerous websites out there that list requirements, however some are out of date and may contain incorrect information. It is important that any time you are looking up legal information you get the correct information from a local, state, or federal government website. An example for Connecticut is listed under “Optional Resource” section of this unit. 
The paper should be 1 to2 pages in length, Times New Roman, 12pt. font in APA format
I would expect to see two references properly formatted at the end of the paper. Remember to properly cite your references within the body of your paper!!!

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