Unit 1B

Unit 1B Discussion 1 $25.00 Due (Saturday) 11/03/2018.  
Ethics and Cultural Diversity
Review the ACA’s Code of Ethics for all sections that apply to social and cultural diversity, particularly Sections A, B, and E. Review the following scenarios and determine how the ACA code of ethics would apply:
· Scenario 1: There are several members in your group whose religious views and practices are in stark contrast to yours. Do you discuss your beliefs or your group members’ beliefs? Do you ignore the topic of religious beliefs altogether? What does the code of ethics say about this?
· Scenario 2: Your religious beliefs do not approve of gay, lesbian, bisexual, and transgender (GLBT) behavior. A new group member has recently come out about being gay and is now having trouble in his family. You live in a rural community and have no referral source. What does the code of ethics say about this?
· Discussion Participation Scoring Guide.
· 2014 ACA Code of Ethics [PDF].
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