Un-Essay II: Outline | Nursing Term Paper

Please the instructions  carefully.
The Context
As of now, you have
· selected a social issue to focus on for your final assignment
· researched the issue and brainstormed ideas on it
· received feedback on your proposal and annotated bibliography
You are now preparing to write your final assignment, the un-essay, which means that you need a plan – an outline – and the purpose of this current assignment is to give you feedback on that plan. You also need feedback on that plan – which I will provide through this assignment.
The Parameters of the Final Un-essay-to-Come
Keep these parameters in mind as you prepare your outline:
· Your final assignment is going to be 800-1000 words (not including the bibliography or cover page).
· It should be comprised of work that is original to this course, which means that it should not include any writing that has been used for other courses. This is a critical issue of academic integrity.
– Your final assignment must demonstrate engagement with at least two of the three texts presented in your annotated bibliography. You’re welcome to research additional resources for the final assignment, but remember – this is an essay, not a research report, so don’t overdo it.
-As explained in your video-lesson, your primary objective is to present what you have learnt – your thought process and your critical thinking – on the social issue you have chosen to focus on.
The Task
There are two parts to this second of three Un-essay assignments:
You are going to prepare an outline – remember, it’s a plan – of your final assignment
–  The outline should be composed as a list of points (one point-per-paragraph of what you expect your final assignment to look like)
–  Each point should be 1-2 lines long. (Sentences, not paragraphs.)
–  If the point is relating to a specific text, cite the author’s last name in brackets.

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