two paragraph summary


Write: Using the strategies suggested the textbook, compose a two-paragraph summary of the two sources above – the video interview from Miami and the transcript of the interviews from PBS and Sargasso. Hint: Avoid making judgements about the author, interviewer or setting of the interviews. Focus your attention on introducing both interviews appropriately and communicating the purpose and central claims of the interviews.
Visualize: Locate an image (photograph, meme, video, etc.) online that represents the central theme(s) or message of the first part of Danticatâ€s novel. Using the guidelines at Web Accessibility in Mind, write “alternative text” for the image youâ€ve selected.
Narrate: Using free audio software at Audacity recording feature on your mobile device, recite and record:
The summary youâ€ve written about the first-part of Danticatâ€s novel;
Discuss the reasons you think the online images youâ€ve chosen represents one of themes of the first part of Danticatâ€s novel and read the alternative text youâ€ve developed; and,
Describe your understanding of the way texts (images, sound files and written documents) communicate meaning.
Note: Your recording should be no longer than three to four (3-4) minutes; so, you will need to make an informal outline/notes (you do not need to submit this to me) and practice recording a few times to make certain you stay under the maximum length.
Note: If you feel comfortable, feel free to upload a video rather than a sound file of your narration
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