Trauma and Stress Discussion

After reading one of the provided articles, discuss the topic of stress from a Biblical perspective. What insights about stress can be gleaned from the article? What insights about stress can be gained from the Bible? Provide at least one specific example from the Bible of a traumatic event or stressful situation and how the stress was handled.Religion, Spirituality, and Mental Health of U.S. Military Veterans: Results from the National Health and Resilience in Veterans StudyChild Sexual Trauma, Dissociation, and the Soul: A Christian Psychology Conceptualization“The Joseph Story: a Trauma-Informed Biblical Hermeneutic for Pastoral Care Providers”Religion and Spirituality: Benefits for Latino Adolescents Exposed to Community ViolenceReligious Development in African American Adolescents: Growth Patterns That Offer ProtectionHumility, Stressful Life Events, and Psychological Well-Being: Findings from the Landmark Spirituality and Health SurveyThe Relationship Between Religious and Psychospiritual Measures and an Inflammation Marker (CRP) in Older Adults Experiencing Life Event Stress
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