Topic 8 Assignment healthcare Management

Topic 8 Assignment: Final Paper Preparation
Over the next three weeks you will be writing a scholarly paper over the topic of your choice in the area of health care cost cutting and cost effectiveness of providing care. This broad “umbrella topic” will provide you with a plethora of topics such as diagnosis-related groups, HMOs, PPOs, movement to ambulatory care, managed care, generic drug use, etc.
The paper will be due the last day of class. This paper must:

be at least 5 pages (double-spaced) not including cover page or references
include at least 5 references from peer-reviewed journals or professional web sites that are no more than 5 years old
be written in APA style with appropriate in-text citations, a reference list and a cover page (abstract not required). For information on APA style, view the NAU Online Library’s “APA Style” page.

Do not plagiarize; this error is best avoided by properly paraphrasing authors’ works and giving credit to the author through in-text citations.
For this assignment, submit your paper topic for instructor approval. In addition, provide to your instructor citations for at least 5 scholarly peer-reviewed articles you will use in your paper, accompanied by a brief summary of each article.
You should start your research on the NAU Online Library’s Allied Health Subject Guide. For information on using the library, see “Using the Library and Our Databases.”

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