The Poor Man Shames us All In the video, “A Poor Man Shames us All,” differing u

The Poor Man Shames us AllIn the video, “A Poor Man Shames us All,” differing understandings ofwealth and status in three different cultures are explored. Answer thefollowing questions based on the video, in about one paragraph for each question.1. In the Weyewa tribe of Sumba, the notions of wealth and affluence are very different from those that are dominant in the West. Describe the tribal chief’s understanding of wealth, which lead to his giving away all his material possessions. How can “moving the stone,” on which a great deal of time and effort was expended, be seen as an economic act?2. In the segment of the video about the Gabra culture of Kenya, thenarrator’s father tells him that “a poor man shames us all.” What doeshe mean by this statement? How can the seemingly charitable decision to donate a camel to the “stranger” be seen as a rational economic act?3. Do you agree with the claim made in the video that “things havebecome more important than people in our culture?” What, according to the narrator of the video, has led to this phenomenon

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