1.You’ve been selected as part of a pilot program to be a “Professor for a Day” at our ENG 105: English Composition class. You have 3-4 pages to write your lesson, as if you were teaching it to your peers. The lesson’s goal is to propose your own unique and original definition of creativity OR innovation and by synthesizing
TIPs:(1) Teach the most important concept/s (no more than three concepts) you’ve learned throughout the semester about creativity or innovation. This is not about replicating how I teach or explaining how you would teach.Go ahead and start teaching!
(2) Be sure to have a thought-provoking introduction, question or story to open your lesson.
(3) Remember to analyze your purpose, tailor your lesson to the audience’s needs, fully explain the most essential concepts you’ve learned, and to provide students with examples.(4) Don’t forget to engage in a thought-provoking “conversation” with your sources.
(5) Conclude in a manner that’s compelling and demonstrates deep reflection about the research.The post the-lesson-s-goal-is-to-propose-your-own-unique-and-original-definition-of-creativity-or-innovation-and-by-synthesizing first appeared on Term Paper Tutors.

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