the just in time jit approach

Chapter 8 introduces lean philosophies that focus on elimination of waste and the increase of logistics speed and flow, and the assigned articles (Beard & Butler, 2000; and Wiese, Luke, Heyns & Pisa, 2015) examine adaptation of the JIT inventory management system by different manufacturers and the relationship among green, lean, and global supply chain strategies. One noteworthy example is Apple Inc., which utilizes a JIT approach locally while still sourcing globally, saving millions in inventory expense.
In your initial post, provide a specific example of a company that implemented the JIT approach as one of their lean inventory practices. You can select a company from your own research (using credible resources) or choose one from the assigned readings.
Select from the following list two specific ways the JIT approach helped your chosen company improve their global competitiveness and supply chain efficiency:

Reduced inventory levels
Shortened production runs or lead times
Minimized waiting lines
Improved quality of inbound materials
Improved supplier relationships
Any other consequences of JIT adaptation

Explain your two selections by analyzing the changes the company implemented and how (or how not) the lean philosophy was beneficial for the company in those specific areas. As indicated, you can use an example of a company where the lean philosophy did not work for them and analyze what went wrong, which assumptions they made that were faulty, and what they can do to correct the situation. Your initial post must be a minimum of 200 to 250 words.
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