Sport iq | Sociology homework help

Answer the following questions in one essay.
A. Provide your quiz score and a brief analysis of your performance. Do you feel you performed well or poorly? What did you learn from this taking quiz?(I HAVE ATTACHED COMPLETED QUIZ)
B. Define sociology and describe how it is used to study sports in society. Also, describe why sociologists study sports in society. 
C. List at least five reasons why it is important to study sports from a sociological perspective.
D. Explain why sociology of sport knowledge is different than information generally presented in sports media and in everyday conversations about sports.
Answers should be written in complete sentences with correct syntax, and paragraphs should transition smoothly from one to the next. Be thorough and detailed in your responses. Support responses with references, examples, and/or personal reflection.  DUE 8/9/19 AT 11AM EST.

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