soci assessment essay

This assignment will require students to analyze and interpret a primary or secondary document that includes quantitative data (e.g. graphs or other visual illustrations) using sociological terminology in an essay format. The following writing assignment is meant to help you use the concepts you have learned in this class to explore and analyze an important current issue in our society. As you write your paper, focus your attention on how you as an individual can respond to this current issue using the sociological imagination.
After reading the assigned article, you will write an essay, 250 words minimum; using Standard English and submit electronically on e-Campus. The minimum requirements for this assignment are to:
Read the article “Online Socialization”

Click on “SOCI Assessment” tab
Click on “Online Socializing” attachment to open article.
Read the questions for the assignment as you are reading the article.
Jot down some ideas for answers as you read the article.

Divide the paper into paragraphs for each question.

There should be a minimum of 5 paragraphs for this essay.
Each paragraph should have several sentences.
Be sure that each question is answered thoroughly.
Provide specific examples, or citation of sources of information quoted, if necessary.

Paragraph 1:Draw three main conclusions from the article.

State which points that you think are the three main conclusions that you have drawn from the article.
Use complete sentences to state the three conclusions and be sure to capitalize the first word in each sentence.
Number each conclusion. For example:

The three main conclusions drawn from the article, “ Name of article” are:


Paragraph 2:Describe two important elements of data presented on the charts/graph and briefly interpret what is revealed by the data on the chart.

Be specific in your answers. What does the chart say about the usage of social networking tools?
Who conducted the study and who was being studied? What are the specific age groups being studied?
State the percentages of those in each age group for each category and the findings reported.
Summarize the findings.

Paragraph 3:Describe the ways in which this social phenomena can be defined as a personal trouble or social issue.

Give specific examples of personal troubles and social issues related to social media.
Identify which are considered personal troubles and which are considered social issues.
Be sure to cite specific evidence from the article to support your position.
You can add some examples from personal research or experience, but be sure to include more than your own perspective.

Paragraph 4:Explore how the social phenomena discussed in the article may or may not contribute to human suffering and or social disorganization.

Give specific examples of human suffering or social disorganization related to social media.
Identify which examples are for human suffering and which are examples of social disorganization.
Be sure to cite specific evidence from the article to support your position
You can add some examples from personal experience, research, or in recent news , but be sure to include more than your own perspective.

Paragraph 5:Based on your exploration on prompts numbers 1-4 make three recommendations, including but not limited to:

The need for future research on this social phenomenon,
The development of new laws or public policies to address this issue or
Relevant programs to assist individuals and groups regarding the issue.

List or number your recommendations.
Be sure to include institutional / structural / organizational recommendations.
Name the institutions / organizations which would be responsible for implementing your recommendations.
Check to see if there are any organizations that are doing the things you recommend and list them.

Last page: Cite your sources – whether textbook, lecture notes, articles, or internet links.
Proofread your paper
Do not commit WORD CRIMES in your essay!

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