rogh draft popular music inamerica due by 02 28 2015

Writing Requirement I choose Nat King Cole.Each student will select a topic from the music studied in class and then seek approval by theinstructor. This can be a composer or musical concept. Please refrain from selecting a period of musicas this topic would be too broad. The student will then write a 1500 word research paper covering theselected topic. Each paper will be evaluated on its grammar, structure, and content. A minimum ofthree reliable sources outside the textbook must used. These sources must be cited using the MLAformat.A rough draft will be due Thur March 5th during our class meeting. The final paper will be due onThursday Apr 30th during our class meeting. Late or hand written papers will not be accepted.Each paper should be approximately six double spaced typed pages not including the title page. Thedraft and the final paper must be submitted both in hard copy and via drop box in Falcon Online. Theelectronic copy is automatically forwarded to to be checked for originality. Plagiarism isgrounds for immediate failure of the course and possible further disciplinary actions
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