Research methodology activity-problem | Management homework help

Submit your response in an MS Word document after inserting the results from SPSS into your document.
Note: If you do not have access to SPSS, you can do this assignment in Excel.
To determine the effectiveness of a sleeping drug, 75 people were randomly selected; 25 were randomly assigned to take the drug, 25 were randomly assigned to take the placebo, and the other 25 did not receive any treatment. The time to fall asleep after going to bed was measured for the three groups. The data are available on GAP under the “Supplemental Material” folder. Enter the data into SPSS and then answer the questions that follow.  
You want to conduct a one-way ANOVA to examine if there is a statistically significant difference at a 5% level between the average time to fall asleep of the three groups.

Clearly state your research questions and state the null and alternative hypotheses in the proper conventional format. Define any symbol that you use to state your hypothesis.
Identify the independent (factors) and dependent variables.
Report your results and state your conclusion regarding the hypotheses.
Interpret the F and p values. 
What is the real-life implication of your Step 3 results?
What are the assumptions of a one-way ANOVA? Do the assumptions hold for the data used in this exercise?

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