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I need help with an Original/ Custom assignment, Original/ Custom as possible please. I would prefer the assignment to be completed in Python, or your best choice of Java or Ruby. Thank you.Your software company was invited to provide a proposal for a company in Australia. You currently have the cost in US dollars and need to convert the prices to the Australian dollar. Write a 2-part program using Ruby, Java®, or Python. Part 1: Write a function to gather the following costs from the user:Travel Cost: $9,800Hotel Cost: $3,500Rental Car Cost: $1,600Labor Cost: $15,500Part 2: Write a function to convert the costs from United States dollar (USD) to Australian dollar (AUD). Note: Look up the current USD to AUD exchange rate to use in your function. Test the program 3 times by providing different costs in USD.Provide the code and take a screenshot of the output, then paste the screenshot(s) into a Microsoft® Word document. Write a half-page response in the same Microsoft® Word document to address the following:Provide a manual for the user explaining how to use the program.Explain what type of user input validations you should have. What happens if the user enters a negative number? What happens if the user puts a $ in the input?Review the readings for this week from Ruby on Rails Tutorial or the Pluralsight videos if you have additional questions on deploying Ruby applications.
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