Religious Studies homework help

Complete 1 page APA formatted essay: Provide an explanation that reconciles this research finding with expectancy theory.Expectation theory operates on the premise that people choose a certain course of action because they find it more rewarding because of the desirable outcome. This desirable outcome can come in several ways either that the individual will become more successful and/or that there is remuneration that awaits for choosing such course of action. We can set the example in a sales organization where sales people are given high quotas which entail high compensation in the form of commissions and salaries and other perks (including recognition and possible promotion) and mediocre quotas where they are only given basic pay. Sales people will tend to prefer the more difficult goal of having high quota because its outcome is more rewarding and desirable.In sum, when difficult goals are established that it is more rewarding and has more desirable outcome, individuals would prefer it rather than mediocre goals that has little reward or less desirable
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