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Consequences of War
This project furthers your understanding of key elements of Diverse Perspectives, Communication and Integrative Learning by fostering an understanding of the human side and cost of war through Internet research of a soldier killed in Vietnam from your hometown or Washington, D.C. For this project, youâ€ll use the Vietnam Veterans Memorial Virtual Wall available by clicking here. Once youâ€re on the site, click on the second link By State and City to find your location. Canâ€t find anyone from your hometown? Use Washington, D.C. instead. A second site named Vietnam Veterans Memorial Fund may provide additional information.
First, explain who they are including where they are from and how they died. What did you learn about them? How old were they when they died? Find the location of their death on a map—what was the location and what were the other casualties like from there? Next, consider how this project enhanced/changed/built your understanding of this soldierâ€s life and the human cost of war.
Explain your answers linking to at least two of the course readings. Additional research is always welcome. Your paper will be graded on effort, essay structure, research, writing quality, argument, evidence, grammar and spelling.
Please remember: Your reactions and reflections are a vital part of this assignment; as such, use of “I” is completely acceptable. But, you must connect those reflections to the readings and outside Vietnam Wall research as you build an argument and provide evidence. All sources used should be documented.

Page length: 3 to 4 pages double spaced using 12-point Times New Roman font

Double sided is OK
Staple pages please

A Works Cited page should be included that does NOT count toward the page length.

APA or MLA are both acceptable formats.

Please write your full name in the upper left hand corner

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