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Write a 6 page essay on This module is called: Employment Relations in Asia.That segment is projected to grow to 19% of the total population by 2030. A vast majority of Singapore’s elderly are not actively involved in economic activities for example they are retired or not otherwise looking for employment and that elderly women of all ages were more likely to be economically inactive compared to elderly men3. In the year 2009, employed older persons (aged 65 and above) made up about 3.1% of the resident Singapore workforce and this figure has had quite minimal variation to date due to various factors like increased job opportunities and continued national effort to enhance their employability4.The current law that affects aged workers is engraved in the retirement age act which was enacted after Labour Force Survey by the Ministry in 1988, whereby the government decided to increase the age of retirement to the age of 60, which was later raised to 62 under the Retirement Act in 1999. The new law which will definitely affect those working above the age of 62 had the age raised to 65 by the year 20105. This new law was passed by parliament and it makes it a must for the organization to employ again workers beyond the retirement age of 62. This law kicks off this year. According to the law, there will be flexibility. When the retired workers are employed again, the work give should not be necessarily the same job he/she was doing. The workers will be given a chance to stay on their old jobs if their health is okay and their performances are satisfactory. In regard to this law, the organization should talk to the workers 6 months before the age of 62 if they want to be re-employed. If the employer is not in a position of offering a job again to the retiring worker, a one time employment assistance payment will be given to the worker to assist him for a period of 3 moths as he/she tries to find another
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