Program Management Project

Read the chapter 9 of the book first (I uploaded).
The assigned book will introduce how digital platforms have transformed business environments
and how we should prepare for the problems of the new business environments. Your
presentation and essay will (1: Summary) briefly summarize the assigned chapter, (2: Business 
Problem) discuss two related business problem to solve with relevant evidence, and (3: Research
Question) come up with two research questions to describe what to examine to resolve those two business problem you defined.
You need to do three things: write two reports(essay) and one presentation script.
The two essay is one for me and one for my teammate. We should have the same two business problems and two same research questions (Two!!!!), but the way you explain them as well as the summary of the book should be different because these are the works for two different people.
Each report should be 2 pages maximum, and the presentation script should be 3 pages. All of the three works are talking about the same thing, having the same business problems and research questions, but just different ways to write. (should be totally different styles of writing and could not even have similar sentences!)
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