Pressure Ulcers – My Nursing Assignment

  Identify a clinical issue of interest that can form the basis of a clinical inquiry. Using keywords related to this clinical issue of interest and Boolean search terms, search at least four different databases in the Walden Library to identify at least four peer-reviewed articles relevant to your clinical issue of interest. Create a 4- to 5-slide narrated PowerPoint presentation that addresses the following: Identify and briefly describe your chosen clinical issue of interest. Describe how you used keywords and Boolean search terms to search your chosen clinical issue of interest. Identify the four research databases that you used to conduct your search. Provide APA citations for the four peer-reviewed articles that you selected.
 Etafa, W., Argaw, Z., Gemechu, E., & Melese, B. (2018). Nurses’ attitude and perceived barriers to pressure ulcer prevention. BMC nursing, 17(1), 14 
 Gill, E. C. (2015). Reducing hospital acquired pressure ulcers in intensive care. BMJ Open Quality, 4(1), u205599-w3015. 
 Martin, D., Albensi, L., Van Haute, S., Froese, M., Montgomery, M., Lam, M., … & Basova, N. (2017). Healthy skin wins: a glowing pressure ulcer prevention program that can guide evidence‐based practice. Worldviews on Evidence‐Based Nursing, 14(6), 473-483. 
 Truong, B., Grigson, E., Patel, M., & Liu, X. (2016). Pressure ulcer prevention in the hospital setting using silicone foam dressings. Cureus, 8(8). 
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