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Post PDF of Systematic Review Poster (must use provided school template)
Week 14: Poster Development/Presentation
Using your completed min-systematic review you will create a poster presentation on the UMASS background template provided.  Students are expected to update the content of their mini-systematic review based on faculty feedback before creating their poster. Students will be graded on their poster and the feedback provided to three of their peers.
Grading Criteria for Poster Development/Presentation
Feedback from mini-systematic review are incorporated
30 points
Aesthetics of poster are professional and appropriate for poster presentation (font size/consistency, balance of text to graphics, etc.)
30 points
Appropriate headings are used based on mini-systematic review steps
30 points
Reference listing, correct use of APA
10 points
Other instructions:
Title of the presentation can be my PICOT question. 
abstract should include intro, background, objective, research, method, result, conclusion-( 1-2 sentences each) 
Use bullet points for rest of the poster

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