please do this project below as the instruction in the word doc

Independent Project 3-4

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For this project, you create a column chart to illustrate April–September revenue for Classic Gardens and Landscapes. You also build a pie chart sheet to graph the proportion that each category contributes to total revenue.
[Student Learning Outcomes 3.1, 3.2, 3.3, 3.4, 3.5, 3.6]
File Needed: ClassicGardens-03.xlsx (Available from the Start File link.)
Completed Project File Name: [your name]-ClassicGardens-03.xlsx
Skills Covered in This Project

Create a chart object.
Size and position a chart object.
Edit and format chart elements.
Edit the source data for a chart.
Build a pie chart sheet.
Use texture as fill.
Add and format data labels in a chart.

Open the ClassicGardens-03.xlsx start file. If the workbook opens in Protected View, click the Enable Editing button so you can modify it. The file will be renamed automatically to include your name. Change the project file name if directed to do so by your instructor, and save it.
Create a Clustered Column chart object for cells A4:G9.
Move the chart object so that its top-left corner is at cell A12. Size the bottom of the chart to reach cell H30.
Edit the chart title to display CGL Major Sales Revenue and press Enter to start a new line. On the second line, type Second and Third Quarters.
Apply chart Style 14 to the chart.
Format the first line and the second line of the chart title to a font size of 20 pt.
Apply a 1 pt Black, Text 1 (second column) outline to the chart area.
Verify that the chart is still selected. In the highlighted range in the worksheet, drag the resize pointer to remove the Design Consulting data series from the chart (Figure 3-71).

Figure 3-71 Resize the chart by dragging the resize pointer

Create a 3-D Pie chart sheet for cells A4:A9 and cells H4:H9. Move the chart to its own sheet named Revenue Breakdown. Hint: Use the Move Chart button [Chart Tools Design tab, Location group].
Edit the chart title to display Revenue by Category. Change the font size to 32.
Select the legend and change the font size to 12.
Apply the Woven mat texture fill (first row, fourth column) to the Patio and Furniture slice.
Select the pie shape and add data labels to display in the center of each slice.

Display the Format Data Labels task pane, choose the Accounting format [Label Options button, Number group], and set 0 decimal places.
Change the data label font size to 14 pt and apply bold [Home tab, Font group].

Deselect the chart.
Save and close the workbook (Figure 3-72).
Upload and save your project file.
Submit project for grading.

Figure 3-72 Excel 3-4 completed worksheet and chart

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