please discuss what your ecological footprint is

An ecological footprint indicates how many earth’s we would need if everyone on the planet lived the way that one individual lives (or the way that individuals in one country live). In the last section of Chapter 1 of Withgott, J. and Laposata, M.  (2012). Essential Environment: The Science Behind the Stories, 4rd edition, Benjamin Cummings/Pearson Publishingthere is a section titled Sustainability and Our World. After reading this section, please go to
and calculate your personal ecological footprint, please discuss what your ecological footprint is, indicate if it was what you expected, and answer the following question: If we in the richer nations have the technology and political power to exploit a larger share of resources, do we have the right to do so, or do we have an ethical responsibility to restrain our consumption? Remember to use proper grammar and punctuation

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