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Checking whether or not an online location is alive you can simply try and manually reach it through your web browsers. However, technical management performs this operation through Pings, which are packets of data sent to the source to see whether they are successfully received. In this regard, Ping-xPert comes with the necessary means to ping one or more targets at a time.Ping a single target, or groupThe visual design can feel a little rough, and slightly outdated, but the most impact on practicality is delivered by arrangement of elements, which are organized in a pretty cluttered environment, can’t be resized, and don’t adjust if you enlarge the main window. On the other hand, major areas are separated by tabs, so you don’t really feel overwhelmed.Needless to say that you require at least a LAN connection, depending on your intentions. As such, you’re able to perform a single ping on a fixed target, specify multiple ones, or simply scan an entire range of IP addresses. Note that the application also works with domain names and regular URL addresses, revealing the corresponding IP.Easily set up data packet valuesA data packet can be customized in an easy manner. This is done by manually adjusting several value fields for ping count, interval in milliseconds, timeout, fragment, buffer, and how long before the target is rendered dead. These values are modified in the same manner, regardless of the type of operation you wish to perform.Data is retrieved, and displayed in real time inside an organized table showing all relevant info fields. Although you can’t actually save a log of events, there’s the possibility to copy all values to clipboard, or print them out directly. However, the group ping option is fitted with a function to save the group for easier manipulation later on.To sum it upDespite its rough, outdated, and pretty cluttered design, Ping-xPert manages to deliver an intuitive set of options with which to send custom data packages to specific LAN, or online targets to check availability. Setting up values requires little time and effort, with data displayed in a neat table you can directly print.



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(This is just a shameless plug)Ping is a website scanner and checking tool which helps you to find the IP address of a host and other information.Ping is an HTTP based service.It uses a distributed algorithm to check the connectivity between computers and networks.Ping-xPert Features:☐ Search domain and IP address☐ Target a specific IP address☐ Group ping with multiple targets☐ Set timeout☐ Retrieve data in real time☐ Set specific timeout and timeout length for specific range (like 10,15,30 seconds)☐ Retrieve data from specific TCP port☐ Retrieve data from specific domain name☐ Allow or disable events☐ Save data to a log file☐ Save to clipboard☐ Print data in a specific formatPing-xPert Screenshot:
Internet freedom is something that people all over the world aspire for but one thing that complicates many people’s lives is the omnipresent nature of the internet. The popularity of the internet has led to it being used for many purposes such as business, education and social networking. The increased use of the internet is one of the reasons why data protection is important. It is one of the most important issues that concerns internet users today. As a result, many people are interested in data protection. Many data protection tools exist but the need for a comprehensive management tool remains, which cannot be found in any existing data protection tool.If you want a full-fledged data protection solution, you need a comprehensive internet security tool which will not only help you to keep safe your data but also monitor your online activities. Check out Bitdefender Internet Security.Here are some of the reasons why Bitdefender Internet Security is a great tool to be used on your phone.✓ Plays Well With Your Android Device.✓ Provides Optimized Data Protection.✓ Flexible Features which Make the Operation Simple.✓ Provides Sophisticated Security Protocols.
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Requirements:OS: Windows XP/Vista/7/8/8.1/10
Monitor and synchronize windows and applications on several computers
With a single click, you can synchronize windows and applications on several computers of your choice. Their state is always kept online and updated. Program changes are transmitted as soon as you change them on the source computer. If there is a need, you can easily add more computers.Synchronize system settings as wellTo synchronize only certain settings, simply select the respective settings and configure them manually or select the option to synchronize them automatically. When all computers are online, it is enough to have a working internet connection.Unified environment for communicationThe main window can be expanded to show a complete view of all connected computers. When you click on any item, its most recent state is displayed as well. Choose the machine to synchronize using drag and drop, or import a list of machines using a file or network drive.Simpler administrationSynchronize computers as soon as you are done with them. You don’t have to remember to reconnect, as the connectivity will be automatically reestablished when you log off.A simple interface, optimized for operationWindows Vista users rejoice. Apart from the settings, every connection and piece of information is displayed in a single window, so you can easily select and configure the computer you want to synchronize.What you can synchronize?The application only synchronizes currently open windows, which are represented by small thumbnails. Only properties are synchronized, and other data is also retained as it was on the source computer. Since all information is online, it has no relevance of their respective storage media. This saves space on your hard drive and eliminates the need to save anything or backup settings manually.Simplify the process of synchronizing two machinesIf you prefer, you can use the machine name as a parameter and define it in the Settings. Using the machine name also removes the need for an address, which makes it easier to distinguish between Windows.Gestures for ease of useA single click on the button to synchronize all computers, or a right click on the app icon, closes the program and synchronizes both machines.What users like about this softwareThey like that you can easily manage all the computers in a single app, saving them time and space.How this software works
Syncthing uses a peer-to-peer network to

What’s New in the Ping-xPert?

Ping a single target, or group
Easily set up data packet values
Resize to fit the screen
Filter or sort targets
Repeatable ping operations
View log of packets
Pitch and download window management
Low consumption rate
Source: GitHub
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Supported video cards:NVIDIA® GeForce® 9 Series (or later)AMD® Radeon™ ProAMD FirePro™ C1100Intel® HD Graphics 4600 (or later)AMD Radeon™ R9 M300AMD Radeon™ R9 M360AMD Radeon™ R9 M460AMD Radeon™ R9 M470Intel® Core™ X SeriesIntel® Core™ V Series

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