Physics homework help

1 Allergic symptoms may cause increased nasal congestion, sneezing, watery eyes, and difficulty in sleeping. What are some of the potential problems that may be present in addition to these symptoms?Gastrointestinal disturbancesDifficulty in concentratingAuditory and visual disturbancesDecrease in asthma exacerbations2 The most common clinical presentations of pneumonia include _____________.cough, fever, and tachypneahemoptysis and putrid breathsudden chest pain and cyanosisretractions and stridor3 The average adolescent female usually experiences her biggest growth spurt at approximately ____________ of age:10.5 years11.5 years12.5 years13.5 years4 An infant should no longer have a head lag when pulled from the supine to sitting position at what age?Two monthsThree monthsSix monthsNine months
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