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Hi, need to submit a 1750 words paper on the topic Childrens Experiences of Childhood. In this regard, the essay is written to specifically address the question: ‘What is the impact of disability on children’s experiences of childhood?’ by exploring four relevant studies, to wit: “Where Are the Children’s Experiences?” by Davis & Watson (2001), “Children’s Experiences of Disability” by Connors & Stalker (2007), “How Do Deaf Infants Attain First Signs” by Takei (2001), and “Disability” by Lewis & Kellett (2004). A review of the literature would initially be developed as a systematic review of the studies abovementioned to develop a clear and logical argument about the topic. The focus of the discourse would be to compare, contrast and analyze the chosen articles to effectively explore critical aspects of the topic and finally address the impact of disability on children’s experiences of childhood. Lewis & Kellet (2004) appropriately started their discourse by sorting out critical issues that stem from terminologies, specifically of ‘disability’. This aspect is relevant since terminologies affect disabled children’s experiences in their growth and development, as well as in interacting with different kinds of people in their environment. Previously, the term ‘disability’ was given negative and derogatory connotations labeling disables as “idiots, imbeciles, and feeble-minded” (Lewis & Kellett, 2004, 191). Contemporary developments in child psychology and research paved the way for adopting the terms ‘children/younger people with spina bifida’ to indicate the need to focus on the person first rather than on the disability (Lewis & Kellett, 2004, 192). Likewise, the terms, ‘visual impairment’ as opposed to ‘blind’. ‘Deaf children’ when referring to hearing-impaired children of deaf parents. and ‘deaf children’ when referring to hearing impaired children of parents who are not deaf (Lewis & Kellett, 2004, 192). Connors & Stalker (2007) presented interesting&nbsp.terminologies influencing the treatment and perception of disabled people.&nbsp.
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