I’m gonna have a group presentation to support a nonprofit organization in some way. Thus, your presentation needs to focus on persuading the organization as to why to provide this support. Be mindful of your rhetorical strategies (how you use words and nonverbal techniques).
Our group already choose the Soldier’s Angeles company.
And my part of job is explain why we choose Soldier’s Angels.
Here are what I need you to do
1. Please do 1 slide PPT about why our team choose soldier’s angels to support, please give some personal views(I am already highlight what part I need to do in the ppt)
2. Please help me write a speech draft based on the PPT, like 1 page (the presentation about 1-2 minutes), and don’t be literal, just like oral sentences and easy to memories. (I am not a native speaker, please as easy as you can)The post persuasive-presentation-16 first appeared on Term Paper Tutors.

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