OVERVIEW: The media plays a strong role in shaping people’s views of different r

OVERVIEW: The media plays a strong role in shaping people’s views of different racial/ethnic groups, especially groups with whom they have minimal interpersonal contact. For this assignment, I want you to explore the issue of racial/ethnic representation on television programs. The goal is to conduct a content analysis by collecting data on the portrayal of different racial/ethnic groups and using course concepts to analyze and interpret your findings & their impact on society.
INSTRUCTIONS: First, watch at least three hours of scripted television programs (i.e. no reality shows). Choose one program wisely. While watching, take notes using the coding sheet , paying special attention to the ways different racial & ethnic groups are portrayed and how these portrayals are gendered and/or classed. Use one column for each episode. If you choose 30 min programs, you will use six columns; if you choose hour-long programs, you will only need three. Keep track of which characters display ‘good’ traits (intelligence, authority, morality, politeness, honesty, success, work ethic, etc.) and ‘bad’ ones (stupidity, criminality, rudeness, dishonesty, laziness, sexual aggressiveness, etc.). Be as systematic as possible: if your notes are sloppy or vague then it will be difficult to analyze your results. Second, analyze your coding sheets. What patterns emerge? What types of portrayals were most common for different racial/ethnic groups? Are some groups completely excluded? If so, which ones? How do these representations relate to gender- or class-based stereotypes? Do the representations you recorded fit with controlling images, or do they challenge them? Typed or scanned coding sheets must be turned in with the assignment. Third, write ~2 pages describing and analyzing your findings. When writing, be sure to make an argument about the patterns you observed that connects them to material we have covered in class. Some potential questions to consider include but are not limited to: Do these television programs reinforce or challenge controlling images?
Do you think these programs are representative of the way different racial groups are typically portrayed on television?
What images of women are presented? Do you see any evidence of colorism?
What images of the wealthy and/or the poor are presented? How do these images intersect with racial & ethnic stereotypes?
How might these media images affect the viewer’s sense of self and the world? GRADING: Assignments will be graded based on the completeness of your coding sheets and the insightfulness of your analysis.
I need the first two pages to be the analyzing/ essay part and the third page to be the coding sheet filled out. Also please pick a show that is well known like The Office, Full House, Fresh Prince of Bel Air, The Big Bang Theory, Modern Family, etc. Thank you.

The post OVERVIEW: The media plays a strong role in shaping people’s views of different r appeared first on nursing writers.


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The post OVERVIEW: The media plays a strong role in shaping people’s views of different r first appeared on nursing writers.

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