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Nursing Philosophy Assignment
A philosophy is a statement about who you are and what you believe. What do you see as truth? Chapter 3 Power Point helps you begin the process of writing your personal nursing philosophy.A philosophy may change over time. Once you write it down revisit it yearly to see what you would change if anything. You may be tempted to look at literature that is already defining some of the things you will be asked about. I encourage you to NOT look at the literature first. But instead write what you think. There is time for clarification.Once you have started your philosophy according to Chapter 3 Power Point visit the web site below. It will provide you with additional thought provoking questions that may expand your thinking.Limit your philosophy to between 100 words and no longer than what will fit comfortably on one page. Notice there is no room for citations. This is your philosophy not someone elses! You will begin forming your philosophy this week. It is due Week 6 Wednesday 11:55pmYou may be tastefully creative in your presentation.A list of DO NOTS:Use Evidence from the literaturePlagiarizeUse websites such as blogs and other sites that are not considered professional in nature.Use a PDF formatBe SURE to use this website for learning and development purposes:Articulating Your Philosophy of Nursing

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