Nursing Management of Adult with Common Integumentary disorders

Please follow the instructions on page 11 of 4.1 that is the assignment.
A 15-year-old female comes to an appointment in the clinic, you are working in. Her mother accompanies her to the appointment. They are there to discuss getting rid of the adolescent’s acne. You note that she has a cluster of several pimples on her forehead, around her nose, and on her chin (3 clusters, one in each area). They are in various stages…some new, some are resolving. She is wearing foundation and eye make-up at her visit which she says helps hide the acne. Overall, her acne is typical in many ways. Mom feels it is a real problem and both she and her husband were picked on relentlessly in high school because of acne. She doesn’t want that for her daughter. She requests she is put on medication to clear it up. You also notice that the adolescent and her mother are quite tanned. You ask if they have been down south. Mom replies that they both tan well and so she and her daughter tan at the tanning bed once a week to keep their summer color up. The adolescent isn’t doing much talking and Mom is speaking on her behalf for the most part. • What are some things you are thinking about as you sit with this family? • What are your concerns. • What are the 2 main issues you would like to address at this visit.

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