Network design | IFSM | UMGC

 All the instructions have been attached below.
The CTO has asked you to develop a network design that provides the following:
· A Microsoft word document that spells out your network design, the recommended network cabling, device(s), and connections between workstations, device(s), and servers (in other words, summarize in writing your recommendations to the above). 
· A physical network diagram that displays the components specified above.
Format the body of the paper with the following sectional headings (should be bolded in paper):
1. Network Design Description
2. Network Devices and Connections
3. Network Cabling
4. Conclusion
Your network diagram can be produced using any drawing software package available if you save it in a format that is viewable to your instructor, such as a pdf (check with your instructor to ensure she/he can open your particular network diagram). In addition, you may choose to draw your physical diagram by hand, which is okay. Please make the diagram neat and legible, use color to identify specific components and cable paths, label all components, and upload a high-resolution photo of your design to the assignment tab. You may break your diagram into sections (photograph and upload those separately) if you include an illustration of how these sections fit together.

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