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ICD-10 was a major overhaul of the ICD-9 system. The codes were changed dramatically. For this discussion, go to the following website: Scroll down and click on the code section of V00-Y99 External Causes of Morbidity. After reviewing the various coding possibilities, in your initial post, discuss your reactions to the number of options. Were you surprised by the number of options? Can you think of anything that was not already covered by the codes? Choose one code option and provide a brief description of when it would be appropriate to assign it to a patient encounter. In your follow up posts to peers, do you agree with their assignment of the code to the patient encounter? Support your reasoning.
                                                         CLASSMATE’S POST
Section V00-Y99 under the ICD-10 highlights the codes for external causes of morbidity. These codes are utilized when classifying the mechanism of an injury as well as its cause. While scrolling through this section, I was amazed by the number of options included in this category and the classification of these codes. Mainly, I realized that every external cause of injury was clearly sectioned to illustrate the specific circumstances that led to the accident. For instance, while an injury by road accident can be easily referred to as a transport mishap, these codes delve more into the specifics of such incidents by classifying the means of transport and ascertaining the job rank of the victim. In other words, if an injury was caused by a vehicle, the codes identify the type of the automobile (a pick-up truck, car, and heavy vehicle) and the position of the person involved (whether an occupant of the vehicle or a pedestrian).
An example where a code under this chapter could be assigned is when a motorcycle rider is involved in an accident. For starters, the healthcare worker in charge assigns the patient the codes V20-v29 to indicate that the person was a motorcycle rider injured during a transport accident (External Causes. n.d.). After this classification, the medical provider will need to assess how the patient was injured. If a motorcycle collided with a pedestrian or animal, the patient would be referred under code V20. However, if the cause of the accident was a collision with a car, a heavy vehicle, or a train, then the codes V23 or V24, or V25 can be assigned, respectively. This classification system helps healthcare workers identify external causes of morbidity and determine suitable interventions.
External causes of morbidity V00-Y99. (n.d.).

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