One of this course’s requirements is the completion of a Composer Report. A list of composers follows Worksheet 8.4 in the textbook. Select one of the names from the list, conduct research into that person, and write up your findings. You may find something new if you explore a name from the list that you do not recognize.
Research: Open submission websites, such as Wikipedia, may be good for quick info but they often fail to meet the needs of academic researchers; it is far too easy for inaccurate information to be submitted to these sites by non-experts. Better are peerreviewed publications. These are usually found in libraries or in subscription-based websites. For this report, one of the best sources may be the Grove’s Encyclopedia of Music, also known as Oxford Music Online. You will find this resource listed among the university library’s online databases. Be sure to document (footnote) your sources.
: The Composer Report should be a minimum of three pages in length (1″ margins on all edges, 12 point type, double spaced). Research the topic, think about it, then organize and write a report in your own words. DO NOT COPY AND PASTE ANYTHING FROM SOMEONE ELSE’S WRITING, INCLUDING FROM WEBSITES. Make your report interesting; long lists of compositions can be boring. Make your composer come alive. Make him or her a real person whom you and others might like to meet.
1. Dina Appeldoorn 2. Johann Sebastian Bach 3. Bela Bartok 4. Ludwig van Beethoven 5. Hector Berlioz 6. Leonard Bernstein 7. Hildegard von Bingen 8. Joseph Boulogne, Chevalier de Saint-George 9. Margaret Bonds 10. Johannes Brahms. 11. Harry Burleigh 12. Frederic Chopin 13. Aaron Copland 14. William Dawson 15. Claude Debussy 16. Nathaniel Dett 17. Antonin Dvorak 18. E.K. “Duke” Ellington 19. George Gershwin 20. Louis Moreau Gottschalk 21. George Frederick Handel 22. Franz Joseph Haydn 23. Nora Douglas Holt 24. Charles Ives 25. Scott Joplin 26. Ulysses Simpson Kay 27. Franz Liszt 28. Adolfo Mejia Navarro 29. Felix Mendelssohn 30. Claudio Monteverdi 31. Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart 32. Maria Theresia von Paradis 33. Julia Amanda Perry 34. Florence Price 35. Giacomo Puccini 36. Maurice Ravel 37. Amadeo Roldán y Gardes 38. Clara Wieck Schumann 39. Robert Schumann 40. Franz Schubert 41. Irene Britton Smith 42. John Phillip Sousa 43. Olufela Obafunmilayo Sowande 44. William Grant Still 45. Igor Stravinsky 46. Barbara Strozzi 47. Samuel Coleridge Taylor 48. Pyotr Tchaikovsky 49. Guiseppe Verdi 50. Richard Wagner 51. Clarence Cameron White. The post music-appreciation-composer-report-essay first appeared on Term Paper Tutors.

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