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What’s new in this version: Changelog Version 1.Msxnaengine.dll NewsWe’re not a sex-crazed backwater. We’re a Canadian. A thing.
We all know what it’s like to be a Canadian. It’s cold. We’re nice to strangers. Our collective history is worth barely anything in the ‘Global Heritage Fund’ crapfest that was unveiled in London yesterday.
The problem for you and me is that almost everyone in this country has had a look at the sun once. And as things like the G8 and the G20 endlessly work themselves out on the world stage, the usual sameness of our daily lives seems to be the least of our worries.
And if anything, the less we do for each other, the more we’re expected to be grateful for it.
Because if Canadians are anything, they’re a grateful bunch. We’re good at taking care of each other – graciously, even. And we’re good at paying for it, too.
This is good news. Because when the world and its economic union is done looking for ways to screw us, it’ll have something to do with the sorry state of our health care.
And if you’re as old as me (and many, many others), you’ll have seen your share of people getting screwed around with.
These things are always possible. That is, no matter who is in power. No matter how well dressed or dirty the people are in suits and ties.
You can never count on the courts as an oasis of democracy. You can never count on a legislature to do something meaningful or worthwhile. You can never count on, well, anything.
But to the extent that can be avoided, Canadians like to pick up the pieces. We like to help each other through the rough patches.
Where and when people need it, and the cost is small enough, Canada is suddenly filled with the type of single-minded selfless generosity that can only come from true believers.
This can be seen now in the B.C. wildfires, the Alberta floods and the countless damaged homes. It’s shining right now, too, in the province of Ontario.
And it’s one of the reasons I love this country – and, in fact, most Canadians.
It’s the reason I always have a smile ready for people driving past me in the road at rush hour. It’s the
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