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Provide an overview of the topic that includes areas that will be covered in the presentation, a brief description of the population or social group you chose, and key definitions and terms. The body of the presentation should include the following:

Strengths and other positive aspects of being a member of the social group or population.
Challenges faced by members of this group. Issues related to categorization and stereotyping, prejudice, discrimination, and social stigma should be incorporated. Conclude with possible solutions to help combat the challenges faced and/or strategies to support the social group or population.

Additional Requirements

Include a minimum of three scholarly resources published within the last five years.
Include presenter’s notes for each content slide.
Follow APA style and formatting guidelines on your references slide.

Keep verbiage ON your slide to a minimum. This can be key words or short phrases (no more than 3 words per bullet point).

Can also use pictures, charts, graphs, ect.
NO FULL sentences.

In text cite on the slide by simply placed it under its own bullet point. Example:

(Stephenson, 2021).
For Pictures, graphs, charts, ect – follow the instructions outlined in the youtube video below.

USE the notes section for complete sentences.

Cite, cite and cite some more.  

EACH slide should have at least a paragraph IN the notes section.

The information in the notes section should cover everything you want to say on that slide.
It should be the expanded version of key terms or phrases listed on the slide.
It should be written academically.
It should include in text citation.

Slides which do not include a notes section are the intro or title slide and the references slide(s).

Slide 1: Title (APA style).
Slide 2: Presentation overview/outline.
Slides 3: Description of population or social group.
Slides 4 & 5: Definitions and terms.
Slides 6 & 7: Strengths and other positive aspects of population or social group.
Slides 8 & 9: Challenges faced by population or social group (categorization and stereotyping, prejudice, discrimination, and social stigma).
Slides 10 & 11: Solutions and supportive strategies
Slide 12: Conclusion
Slide 13+: References
ATTACHED THE PPT TEMPLATE WITH WRITING PROMPTS (if the template does now download from here, it is also in “Ask my Instructor” AND in YD): Psy3540YD Final Project TEMPLATE w-writing prompts.pptx

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