linguistic profiling in the media

For this assignment, you will select an excerpt(s) from a movie or television show (animation and cartoons are allowed) in which a specific character in the story undergoes linguistic profiling.
Provide the name of the of the movie/show and the year when it released. Your selection must be current (2015-present) 5%
Provide the societal or cultural background of each of the following:
-the general plot or story 10%-the individual undergoing linguistic profiling 20%-the individual who carries out the profiling 10%
Give the reason for the profiling, how it affected the individual being profiled, and how/if the situation was resolved. 20%
Describe the dialect of the individual being profiled and how it was different from the ‘standard’. 20%
Your paper should be 1-2 pages in length. 5%
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