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TITLE: Lesson Plan Two
Introduction: Creating developmentally appropriate lesson plans involves more than “cute” or “fun” activities.  It requires immersing the environment with learning materials focused on the study topic and using learning standards to demonstrate children’s learning.
The Assignment:

Create a developmentally appropriate lesson plan based on children’s interests and supported with learning outcomes from the age-appropriate NC Standard.
Use the attached forms to complete the plans, there is an attached PowerPoint and audio file to assist you.
The plan must be approved by your supervising teacher before you set up a date to teach it in your classroom

Grading Criteria

10 points for study topic that is developmentally appropriate
10 points for materials and supplies that support learning
10 points for listing specific Developmental Indicators.
10 points Group Time, Story Time, Small Group Activity is developmentally appropriate and supports learning.
10 points for Goals listed from NC Foundations for Early Learning and Development..
10 points Lesson Plan Form 1 materials list is complete and items support learning.
10 points activities support the Goals and Developmental Indicators listed.
10 points for Extension activities are appropriate and detailed.
10 points for 3 open ended questions that support deeper learning.
10 points for spelling and grammar.

Resources  Review attached Power Point slides for detailed instructions.See sample forms under Resources>Useful Links for this Class>Lesson Planning AssistanceLink to NC Foundations for Early Learning and Development NCFELD

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