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Dropbox 5: Franklin and Crèvecœur
Overview: In this assignment, youâ€ll write two paragraphs.
Participation: For this assignment, students may work independently or in groups of two.
Paragraph One:
In 150-200 words ,argue how Ben Franklin would meet CrèvecÅ“ur’s definition of an American. Create a topic sentence and underline it, use at least one line of evidence from Crevecoeur’s extended definition and apply these to Franklin in order to argue for his “Americanness.” Use at least one passage from Franklin’s text to draw parallels to Crevecoeur’s writing.
Paragraph Two:
In 150-200 words, consider Franklinâ€s idea of the self-made man illustrated in his “The Way to Wealth” and “The Autobiography”. Ultimately, let me know if this is a healthy or toxic idea. Consider: Do you think the work-leisure balance he advocates is healthy? Do his values align more with the capitalist John Smithâ€s “American Dream” or the Winthropâ€s “City on a Hill”. Create a topic sentence and underline it and quote at least twice from Franklin.
Submission: Submit the assignment in this dropbox.
This activity should take about 40 minutes and will help students meet the following objective:
3. Students will evaluate Benjamin Franklin through the definition of an American presented by J. Hector St Jean de Crèvecœur.
This will help you think about
The formation of an American Identity.
Writing body paragraphs.
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