introduction to airline and airport management.

Compose a 1500 words assignment on introduction to airline and airport management. Needs to be plagiarism free! The expectations of air passengers have increased in terms of the quality of air transport services. Since passenger groups can be segmented into various categories based on different variables therefore, their needs may vary. This has always been a major concern for airlines. The ultimate need for all passengers is their satisfaction. Apart from the service quality improvements made by all airlines, the airports have widely adopted the quality criteria. Since the airports are also operating in a more competitive environment, therefore, airport management is improving to serve passengers in a better manner.
In the previous years, the customers used to buy tickets directly from the airlines, and no contractual relationship used to exist between the customers and the airport. Today, the situation is very different because even without having any contractual relationship with the airports, the passengers expect to have excellent airport services. For fulfilling the needs of the passengers, the airport nowadays is giving a great focus on ground handling, security checks, airport access, and border controls, etc.
The European airports, after the extensive consultation of airport management with Consumers, the European Commission, and the European Government, have developed “Airport Voluntary Commitment on Air Passenger Service.”&nbsp.According to the voluntary commitment, European airports accept the responsibility to provide defined quality of services to travelers without any legal binding consistently. For example, according to the Airport Voluntary Commitment, “Each airport will prominently publicize the services it offers for assisting passengers with reduced mobility (PRMs).” The&nbsp.service provisions, which have been made through this Voluntary Commitment of airports, include assisting passengers during periods of delays, improving public transport access, provisioning of infrastructure for check-in, baggage, and security, improving trolley management, enhancing cleanliness and preparing yearly consumer reports regarding customers’ satisfaction.
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