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For this discussion, you are going to conduct a close reading of a source and use this reading to pre-write in preparation for your summary response essay.
Part I: Initial Post
Go to the library tab in Canvas and follow these steps:

Access the ENG102 Library Course Guide.
Once you are on the library course guide, scroll down to find the theme you are choosing to explore in this class. Themes include the following:

Closing the Gap Between College and Career
Closing the Gap Between Military Service and Civilian Career
Science Writing and the Public (Secular Science)
Enterprising America and the World

Select a guide and a database. Search key terms for your topic of interest. Be sure to record these terms as you will report the terms used in this discussion.
Choose one of the articles to read for this discussion.

what i picked is… http://www.scientiasocialis.lt/pec/
Closely read and annotate the article you choose.

What information seems most significant? Why?
What is the author’s claim or thesis?
What details are important?
Do any words or phrases stand out? Why?
What do you still want to know?
What questions do you have as you read?

This is a small-group discussion forum. Your assigned group is based on the theme you chose from the library course guide. You will stay in these groups for the discussion boards throughout the course.
Post your initial response to that group. In your discussion response, write a short summary (5-7 sentences) of the most important points of information in the article. Then, write a short response (5-7 sentences) to the article, discussing the significance of those main points. Remember that a summary should be comprised of only your own words. Create a References entry, formatted in APA Style, for the article you chose. Conclude your post with any questions you have about searching the databases or choosing articles and note the key terms you used in your database search.
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