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Investigative Phenomenon

What happens to gases when they are exposed to absolute zero?
Absolute zero is the coldest possible temperature. Particles at room temperature move about 1,100 miles per hour (mph), depending on their molar mass. If you expose particles to super-cold temperatures (about 200 µK), they slow to about 0.45 mph. These super-low temperatures allow scientists to look at particles for extended periods to learn more about them.
However, reaching absolute zero during an experiment isn’t possible. And even if it were, gases don’t behave “ideally” in extreme temperatures. Can our knowledge of gas laws and gas behaviors help us solve for absolute zero?
In this lab activity, you will compare the volume of a contained gas at different pressures and collect data about two different gases to create a graph and solve for absolute zero. Open and complete the Ideal Gas Lab Report as you work through the steps of the virtual lab activity.

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