Ib315 Extra Credit Assignment

Answer the following questions about a foreign country of your choice. It cannot be the country of your origin and the country that you are exporting to in your term paper. Give an overview of the country, write about its location, geography, population, language, religion. 10 points Write about the culture and social structure of your chosen country. 10 points Write about its exports and imports. 10 points Write about three cultural differences, taboos, practices, or rituals of your chosen country. 10 points Format Use the APA style – have headers and sub-headers, or write down the questions and an answer right underneath it. Use reliable sources, and cite them correctly Don’t forget to have a work cited page formatted based on the APA style. If you have any questions call me, text me (816-718-4402), or email me through your online class’s email system or [email protected]
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