Human Behavior Effects on the Environment: a Struggle for Positive.

Write 5 pages with APA style on Human Behavior Effects on the Environment: a Struggle for Positive. In psychological terms, the current paper explores why a positive effect from human behavior on the environment hasn’t yet replaced a negative one.
According to Nettle et al. (2013), human behavior towards the environment cannot be discussed without the concept of human adaptation involved. Whatever the new environmental conditions can emerge, human beings adapt themselves “maximizing their fitness given the ecological conditions that they face” (Nettle et al. 2013). Comparing to other species, human adaptation is a “unique cognitive and behavioral mechanism” that goes much long before any biological changes (DNA, etc.), and depends on how humans experience the environment (Nettle et al. 2013). Vision or perception of the world around is important to form environmentally responsible behavior. In other words, humans should think of the environment in a specific way firstly, to demonstrate either negative or positive behavior later. De Yong (2013) says information about the environment is what shapes human’s behavior to no small degree, and resulting in a demand to form “an affirmative response”. In this way, unreasonable (unethical, intolerant etc.) behavior isn’t a “standard operating condition” for humans to overcome, but rather a response to the environment “in which people find themselves” (De Yong, 2013).
The most common, for example, is the problem of pollution and connected to this one problem of littering and the problem of recycling. There’s a common vision on a problem claiming that humans themselves cause pollution by using heavy industries, driving automobiles and etc.. themselves cause littering and cooperate on recycling poorly. Meanwhile, it seems for humans, there’s still a possibility to adapt life to those conditions, and despite there’s social approval of an environmentally ethical way of life, there’s&nbsp.also a huge number of produced automobiles (including status cars from advertising), time concerns (modern people living in a fast time mode), neighbors who don’t bicycle and recycle either and etc.
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